Our Goal

In 2009, Coffee Arabica Foundation for Education’s dream became a reality, when the first scholarship was awarded to a child to attend seventh grade. Every child who receives a scholarship is one less child vulnerable to crime, drugs, or emigration from Honduras.  Many children are without education or skills to obtain a job or financial means to continue their education to become skilled tradespersons or professionals.  As a result of immigration from the rural area to the city in search of work, there is increasing youth delinquency and violence.  Our goal is to supplement the tools necessary through scholarships and opportunities for students to succeed.

Our Mission

To prevent youth delinquency and youth violence in Honduras through education and employment training.


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Community Engagement

CAFE works with communities in Honduras and the United States to engage in the promotion of education and the prevention of youth delinquency.

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It has taken many forms, from coffee sales, to book drives, to the development of community days. We believe that creating a strong foundation in the communities that support our cause can help spread our message.